June 26 Team Calls from 9,700′

Daniel Laidig called in a special message from the glacier, as well as an update on the team’s progress.  This morning, they packed up their camp and moved just shy of 2000′ up the Kahiltna, setting up their Camp 2 on a flat stretch of glacier at around 9700′.  Packing up and moving camp is called “single carrying” in climber parlance, and is an option when loads are not so great as to require a team to break things up into two trips between camps.  This team is benefiting from the largess of previous teams and does not have quite the volume of food, fuel and supplies as did trips that started earlier in the season.

Here’s Daniel!

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  1. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH Daniel! I should have given you a Madison flag to snap a picture with on top of the mountain!

  2. HI Daniel! Good to hear your voice. So glad things are going well. We are following your daily agenda eagerly. Took Gabe and Ben and Sophia mt biking yesterday. They did great. Beat their last time by 15 minutes. Could have done faster but they kept wanting to stop and grab wild blackberries whenever they saw them. Be safe and see you soon.

  3. Hey dad! We are so happy you have made it to camp 2! I hope you are enjoying your “sanctuary” (that movie was randomly on tv yesterday and I watch it until that part played just for you) And wanted to let you know that in the past three days, your granddaughter is pulling herself to standing positions and is now able to sit all the way up on her own at the ripe age of 6 months! Its all happening so fast! We miss you greatly and are so happy to hear things are off to a fantastic start! We love you!

  4. Hey Daniel! Just wanted to send you a note of encouragement and let you know we are thinking about you and praying for your group as you progress forward in this great adventure and climb. Looking forward to hearing all the fun details and stories when you return! Take care and stay warm!!

  5. Hi Kirk! I’m happy to hear you’ve had a great climb so far. Glad your ankle is hanging in there. I know that was a big concern. Your daughters doing a fabulous job keeping everyone posted which is so much nicer than having to worry and wonder how things are going. I hope your’e able to take some pictures. God knows I will never be on foot that high up let alone in the snow on a mountain! Good luck as you continue to the summit!!!

  6. Hi Daniel! Great to hear about your adventures on snowy Denali! It’s about 95 degrees and 95% humidity here in FL 😛 ! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Hale family today.
    Enjoy your climb and the awesome majesty of God’s creation!!
    Prayers for the safety of your entire team!

  7. Hi, Kirk! It’s good to be able to follow your progress. Hope things are going OK. We love you. Mom and Dad

  8. You’re amazing!!! So great to hear your voice. You sound like you are so happy 🙂 We are proud of you and we LOVE you!

  9. Sounds like you are having fun! We keeping checking for updates. I can’t wait to hear about your trek in person.

  10. Daniel! It’s good to hear from you! You and the team are inspiring and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  11. Yea Daniel, you sound so relaxed and like this is some thing you do every day;-) It is so good to have the website where we can keep up with how things are going. I know you will have a lot of wonderful stories to tell about your adventure. Grandpa and I are very proud of you and love you very much. Spent today (7/2) with Allison and the family for lunch. Grandpa did pretty good. Did not stay long as it tires him out quickly and he needs to get home but we enjoyed seeing everyone..kids were having a great time swimming. Carrie and family were there too. Allison is such a wonderful woman, we could not be happier that you and she are now one… we love her so much too. Take great care our prayers are with you, and come home safely…hugs and love Grandpa and Grandma R.

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