June 24 Team Back Carried to Camp 2

Guide josh Garner called in from the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ to update on the June 24tth team’s progress.  Today, they dropped back downhill a bit to retrieve a cache of supplies they had left at around 10,200′ a couple of days ago.  This is called making a “back carry” and is a proven technique to use when you just have too much stuff to carry all the way to your next camp, or if the distance to the next camp is just too great to warrant carrying your kit the entire distance.

It made for a relatively easy day for the team, with a short descent of about 30 minutes to the site of their cache of supplies and only an hour or so of hiking back up to camp. Having an active, yet restful day can also benefit climbers by helping build their foundation of acclimatization.

Tomorrow, they plan to carry loads up to around 13,500′, just shy of their next planned camp at 14,200′.

Here is Josh, with a special shout out to some good friends!

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