Team Jaahnavi climbs the Control Tower

Climber Jaahnavi called in with an update on her West Buttress Expedition on Denali, who is still camped at Base Camp at 7,200′, practicing essential skills for Jaahnavi’s trip up to the highest point in North America in coming weeks.

Yesterday, the team roped up for glacier travel, loaded up packs with food, water and necessary supplies, and set out to climb the Control Tower. The Control Tower appears to be somewhat small when compared to the massive, foreboding mountains of the Alaska Range. But standing alone, it is a worthy mountaineering pursuit and a great day trip to test and hone skills necessary to succeed on larger, more committing objectives.


The knife edge ridgeline on Control Tower, near Denali Base Camp. Taken on a 2016 Mountain Trip 12-day Mountaineering Course.


Jaahnavi was able to practice moving efficiently with her crampons, snow shoes, pack, ice axe and poles, all tools that will be absolutely essential as the team travels to the upper mountain. The team then returned to camp to enjoy a nap, hot drinks, indian music, dancing and a guide-cooked dinner.

Here’s Jaahnavi with the update!

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