June 16 Denali team at 14-Camp

Mountain Trip Guide Robert “Durny” Durnell called in with an update on the June 16 West Buttress team on Denali, who was successfully able to move up to 14,200′ on the mountain and set up camp. Durny said the trail was well established up to Camp 3, and the team made great progress up above 14,000′. All guided Denali teams take a Park Service mandated rest day at 14-Camp, so the team will take some time to rest and properly acclimatize before moving up the steep, strenuous climb up the fixed lines to High Camp at 17,200′.

14200 foot Camp 3 with Headwall and fixed lines in background


The team had set up their tents and kitchen, and were cooking up a hearty dinner to replenish lost calories at the time of the call. They are likely experiencing the spectacular views of 14-Camp, during times of clear weather. At that point in the climb, teams are already at a significantly higher elevation than most of the peaks around them.

Durny cuts out near the end, but here he is with the update!

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