June 17 Team – Working hard at 14,200!

The team took advantage of a break in the weather yesterday to seek out new surroundings.  They made a push up and around the formidable feature known as Windy Corner and arrived at the large basin camp at 14,200′ (4328m). They were thrilled to see that another Mountain Trip team had already built tent platforms for them, which saved them an hour or more of work.  Rolling into camp on a big, tough day, sometimes all you’d like is to dive into your tent, and this made that act a bit quicker and easier to accomplish!

Today, they dropped back down to pick up a cache of supplies that they had buried at about 13,500′ days ago.  They dug up their kit and carried it all back to camp.  They are now fully supplied and are going to set their sights on acclimatizing to this new altitude and preparing for the harder days to come.

Here is the report from a number of the team members:


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