June 15 Denali team at Camp 2, 11,200′

Guide Sean McManamy and climber Briana Faulstich called in with an update on the June 15 West Buttress team on Denali.

At the time of the call, they had just arrived at Camp 2 at 11,200′, above the clouds, and had just set up camp and enjoyed a pasta dinner.

Denali WB route 10K to 13.5K

The team will likely spend their day today making a cache of supplies up around Windy Corner. To get to that point, the team will have quite the uphill trek, covering about 2,000′ of vertical on their way up both Motorcycle and Squirrel Hill. The fact that hills are named on Denali should give the readers back home a bit of an idea of their difficulty.

Here’s Briana with the quick update (and a hello for her dad):

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  1. We were both really glad and excited to hear your voice and see a great picture of camp 2. Love mom and dad

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