June 11 Denali team to head for the SUMMIT!

Mountain Trip guide Ian Nicholson called in on behalf of the June 11 Denali team, who are planning on making a push for the SUMMIT today via the West Buttress Route!


Summit Day Route

All climbers on the June 11 team, including Nimrod and Yftah Sheffer, David Porter, Remo Bernhardsgrütter and Blaine Yates, will be heading for the summit today from High Camp, ascending from 17,200′ to 20,310′. The group of climbers has stayed strong and cohesive throughout their journey and this will likely translate into a successful trip to the top. Two weeks of labor will soon, both literally and figuratively, come to a high point, a culmination of their collective efforts.

Mountain Trip wishes the climbers and guides the best of luck as they head for the highest point in North America! We’ll post updates on the team’s progress as soon as they become available. We would like to remind friends and family members not to worry too much if we don’t receive an update right away. Often, on summit day, the team is tired and focused on the task at hand, not necessarily on the outside world.

Here’s Ian with the update:

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  1. Good luck. We are with you every moment. Love you and proud of you! Pushing you up in our minds.
    Ella Amir and Haya

  2. Exciting, exciting, exciting- I will be (and have been) thinking about you and your team on your final stretch to the top. Good luck Yft 🙂

    With love,

  3. We hope you have so nice weather as we have! Lot of sunhine. Take your last part with full of energy and willpower- you reach the summit!
    with love Judith

    P.S. for Remo; Sina hat die die Prüfung bestanden und ist überglücklich. Hoffentlich wird der 23.6. für beide ein Feiertag.

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