June 17 Team – A very nice update from Cason

Cason called in a very nice, detailed update from their new camp at 11,200′. The team climbed up into a very beautiful basin, which looks out to the west and is bordered to the east and south by steep slopes of snow, interspersed with massive ice cliffs.  The norther side of camp is a ridge that is a mix of black rock and white snow.

The photo below will give an idea of some of the route the team climbed yesterday to get to camp, as well as a bit of the work they have ahead of them.  Tomorrow, they will drop back down to pick up a cache of gear that they left at about 10,200′ at the top of the Kahiltna Glacier.

Thanks a lot to Cason for giving us some nice depth and breadth in his sharing of his experience!


A view of the route from about 10,000' to 13,500'

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