Bilingual update from the international June 11 team

Does anyone speak German that could help us translate?

Alas, the Mountain Trip June 11 West Buttress team is so international that I can’t quite keep up with their language preferences. It’s always interesting to open up an audio recording in a foreign language.

The climber (who I’m guessing is Remo Bernhardsgrütter, correct me if I’m wrong) gives us a very detailed and I’m assuming eloquent update on the team’s progress throughout the day. Translation, as I said, is welcome!

Guide Ian gives a sign off for those of us who speak English. We know that the team spent the day caching above Camp 2 at 13,500′, and will head to 14-Camp today if the weather allows.

Here’s the update:

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  1. Dear friends
    here a small translation of Remo’s message. By the way this is pure Swiss German!
    Everybody is fine, they reached camp 3 and deposited some material and went back to camp 2. They had a very sunny and hot day. They could dig a hole on 4300 m just in the T-shirt! For the weekend the weather will be Little stromy.
    Judith from Switzerland

  2. Hi there
    Very excited to hear from you again.
    So happy that you had warm and sunny days, we hope the sun will go on with you. Please add to your reports more details. Wish to hear more.
    Neshikot, love you, Ima

  3. Hello to my Son Danny and the June 11th Team,
    Glad your trip is off to a great start! Wishing you all well!

  4. Yftah and abba (and the rest of the climbers)
    I’m so glad to hear what you are saying and that you are ok. I miss you so so much and I love you all! Waiting to hear from you 🙂
    Ella (Yftah’s sister and Nimrod’s daughter)

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