May 30 Denali team caches above Washburn’s Thumb

Josh Miller, assistant guide on the May 30 private West Buttress Expedition called in with an update on the team’s progress on the high mountain.

The team cached above Washburn’s Thumb, and enjoyed the views on the ridge below High Camp. Josh noted that everyone is doing well and they’re a “super strong” team.

They enjoyed a great dinner and will be luxuriating around 14-Camp during a well-deserved rest day before heading up to High Camp at 17,200 ft.

Here’s Josh:

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  1. Ese es mi grupo de montaña mierda…..ya se viene la cumbre y por lo que leo estan “super strong team”….como le debe gustar a la coca eso….los echo de menos y son mis idolos y grupo aspiracional
    Cuidense y vamos por esa cumbra
    Abrazos y beso

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