June 5 Denali Team caching above Camp 1

John Ladd, of the June 5 West Buttress Expedition on Denali, called in with an update on their progress.

The June 5 team enjoyed the Mountain Trip classic breakfast favorite, Denali Sandwiches (cream cheese, sausage, on a toasted everything bagel) before setting off higher up the mountain. They would certainly need their energy for the day’s cache. The team loaded up their sleds with approximately 70 lbs. (35k) of gear each and began the strenuous ascent of the infamous Ski Hill, between Camp 1 and Camp 2. Ski Hill climbs approximately 1,800 ft., which seems infinite when you’re carrying a heavy pack and pulling a fully-loaded sled.

At the time, the team stood above an inversion at their cache spot, and got some great views of the higher peaks of the Alaska Range like islands in the sky.

The crew plans to enjoy some hearty burgers for tonight’s meal as a reward for their hard work. Certainly no vegetarians on this team.

Here’s John:

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