May 30 Team Calls From 14,200′

We have a two-part message today, as (I think) Hernán called in a report in Spanish and then Scott Woolums gave us the English version.

Tenemos un mensaje de dos partes del equipo, como Hernán llama en un informe en español y después de Scott llamada en una versión Inglés.

The team is at 14,200′ (4328m), in a large camp often called 14 Camp or Camp 3.  They moved up in difficult conditions, with a lot of fresh snow.  They took a rest day and are ready to carry loads of gear and supplies up higher in the next day or so.  The next part of the route is the steepest, as it ascends a 600′ headwall that is protected by lines of rope, affixed to anchors buried in the snow and ice.  These “fixed lines” provide security to the climbers on the steep, 45 degree, terrain.

Here is Scott!

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  1. Vamos Amigos!!,, fuerza, ánimo y suerte!!….., estamos acá todos apoyándolos y siguiéndolos a la distancia….., cuídense y reporten los avances de los próximos días ….

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