May 28 Team holding at 14,200 ft.

Client Mark calls in on behalf of the May 28 team, who have run into weather on the high mountain. He said that they spent the day in their tents, drinking hot drinks, sleeping, and doing their best to pass the time until. He joked that they all talked a lot about solving the world’s problems, which can happen quite frequently in Mountain Trip kitchen tents over hot chocolate after a team has spent a day (or two) anxiously watching the weather.

Patience is certainly a virtue on Denali, where storms often stop climbers in their tracks for days on end, forcing them to retreat to their tents and figure out how to entertain themselves until the weather clears.

He said, however, the weather looked clear at the time of the call. The summit was nearly visible and an inversion of clouds blanketed the lower mountains of the Alaska Range. They plan to cache some supplies today, and then hope for the clear weather to hold so that they can ascend to High Camp.

The team is excited and ready to continue onward “up the hill.”

Here’s Mark:

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  1. Sounding good Mark. In fact the weather sounds better than here in Aberdeen. Good luck for the amble up the hill tomorrow. I’ll be up a Munro over the weekend so I’ll give you a wave.

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