May 28 Denali Team Calls From 14,200′

Lead guide Constantine Sevaris called in on behalf of our May 28th trip. They are camped at the broad, Genet Basin at 14,200 feet on the West Buttress route of Denali. The team has been busy pushing upwards, but is now waiting on the weather to improve above them, so they can make a move up the steep “Headwall” to High Camp.

The Headwall is about 600′ high and rises to about 45 degrees. Often icy, it is protected by ropes fixed into the icy bed at semi-regular intervals. Climbers clip into those fixed lines with specialized clamps known as ascenders, which are tethered to their climbing harnesses. In the event of slip, the ascender clamps onto the fixed line and provides security.

Here’s Con:

Fischer Hazen sent us a couple of images from the team at 14,200′ camp – below is the team practicing for their climb up the fixed lines and a classic shot from the cook tent, with the 17,500 foot Mount Foraker in the distance.

May 28 2016 WB Team at 14

May 28 Denali at 14K

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  1. I have my fingers and toes crossed that the weather will be kind and you get to the summit. Love to my hubbie, Mike Hopkins: thinking of you every day xx

  2. I wish you and your team good weather and fighting mood .Аnd I am very happy that you decided to leave the flag of your favorite country – Russia at the top of Denali.
    I love you my ginger Angus Caithness. and we with tomato soup waiting for you at home.

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