June 1 Team Calls from Camp 2

Honglin Guo called in from the beautiful basin camp on the West Buttress route of Denali.  The team moved up in cold, somewhat foggy conditions, climbing about 4.5 miles above the site of their previous camp.

The route climbed up the first big hill of the route, known as Ski Hill, which starts right above Camp 1.  After topping out this hill, the glacier is sort of rolling or only gently rises in elevation.  Reaching the head of the glacier, at a place called Kahiltna Pass, they took a hard right turn and climbed up another hill to gain the basin where they are currently camped.

Here is Honglin!


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  1. Hello Dad and the rest of the team! Hope you are doing well. ? Happy climbing! 🙂

    Effie, Ela, and Mom

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