J.Y. and Suzanne – At 11,200′

Suzanne called in with a very nice message to everyone back home from the beautiful camp at 11,200′ (3415m).  They are having a great time and doing well.  Tomorrow, the plan is to carry some gear up and around Windy Corner, a prominent, steep ridge that drops off the West Buttress and is an iconic feature on the route.

The plan is to carry some of their supplies and bury the load in the snow at about 13,500′ (4115m).  This will enable the team to not only transport their mountain of supplies up the mountain, but is will also help them acclimatize a bit more readily.  Climbers call this technique, “climbing high and sleeping low.”  After making their cache of supplies, they will descend back to camp at 11,200′ to spend the night.

Here’s Suzanne!


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