It was an exciting day for the June 23 team, especially for Brandyn and Dawn. He proposed and she said “YES!” Congratulations and best of luck on this next great adventure.


In other news 🙂 the team carried a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,500′. The load carrying climbers first climbed up a 1000′ slope known as Motorcycle Hill. This starts immediately out of camp and is better than coffee (well – not really) for climbers starting out in the wee daylight hours of the Alaskan solstice morning. They then climbed a couple more fairly steep slopes before making a long traverse alongside the craggy West Buttress, contouring along a glacier we call the Polo Field. At the end of the Polo Field, they turned around the bottom of a sharp ridge called Windy Corner and hiked their loads another 400m or so up to a site where they cached their supplies.

denali expedition

Topping out on Motorcycle Hill, above the 11,200′ camp.

The team then descended back down to 11,200′ camp. The plan is to move up to 14 Camp tomorrow.

Here’s guide Aaron:


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  1. Your father told me that Brandyn had asked him for his blessing before you both left for your trip. I think that is such a respectful thing that he did. Congratulations to you both. So happy for you and what better place to pop the question!

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