May 14 Team Checks in From Base Camp

22 days after starting their expedition, the members of our May 14th West Buttress team are hoping for a clearing in the weather so they can fly off the glacier.  Some team members have already had to change flights and others might miss tomorrow’s scheduled flights.

We plan for 22 days, which is a day longer than most other guide services and this team needed each of those to get up and down the mountain.  Now, Mother Nature has them looking towards the sky, hoping for the clouds to part, so they can hear the drone of single engine, ski-equipped planes descending onto the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna.

22 days is a long time, especially in a place as unforgiving and uncomfortable as Denali.  Each team member has dealt with his or her personal challenges as well as the collective challenges of coalescing as a team in the face of really tough conditions.

As we say, “Hats off to the Team!!

Here is Seba:


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  1. “22” will be a new favorite number for me… Love you Debbie, and FRESH “Crumb Kuchen” will await you… I shall watch the timing of your flight (hope you don’t have to change unless you want to), so the Kuchen is fresh. And want the lawn to look “Otto-Picture-Perfect” so I hope your not delayed, ’cause if you are, that means I’ll have to cut it one more time, so it really looks flawless. Best thoughts to the entire MAY 14 TEAM… And love to Nathan & Heather

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