May 20 Team – At 14,200′!

The May 20 Team called in a very garbled audio recording, which I’m not even going to post, because you could only understand about three words in the entire message.  At these far northern latitudes, the satellites pass far to the south, and we frequently lose connections.

The team is at 14,200′ (4328m) and doing very well.  They are moving right along and will spend four or five days at this camp, resting and acclimatizing.  Camp is situated in a big basin, with walls climbing almost 6000′ above them on one side.  The views, when the clouds break, will allow them to look off to the south and southwest at Mount Hunter, which once towered above the climbers and is now at about the same level, and Mount Foraker, the second highest peak in the Range.  When the climbers landed, Foraker was right across the Kahiltna Glacier from them and rose alomost two vertical miles above their heads.  Now, it’s summit is only a little over 1000 meters higher than the team.

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