It sounds like it was a long day route finding in the clouds, but the May 14th team was rewarded for their hard work by reaching the summit. Congratulations to all team members for your hard work and perseverance during a period of unstable weather on the mountain.

denali summit

A Mountain Trip climber approaches the very summit of Denali, with the dramatic summit ridge in the background.

Here’s Seba:


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  1. Victoria Nack

    CONGRATULATIONS to ALL members of May 14 DENALI—-EVERYONE on the team is amazing!!!!!! Whatever distance you rose on DENALI, you can be so very proud of your preparation, commitment and endurance!!!
    My sister Debbie, Nathan & Heather will greet you in Alaska, and then come home to be pampered and celebrate!!!! Coffee Kuchen awaits!!! We love you and God Bless!

  2. Tammy L. Kulow

    Congratulations to all, especially Debbie! <3 So very proud and happy for you all!

  3. Linda Gustin

    OMG YOU DID IT!!!! How proud I am of you and your team. What a feeling of accomplishment for you and everyone. Can’t wait to hear your voice and know that you are safe and sound. You have done something that not many people have done. What an awesome feeling. CONGRATULATION to the whole team for a great job!!! xoxox

  4. Paul Gustin

    You did yourself proud girl!! and in the process made your Mom and especially me the PROUDEST parents in the world. Love Dad

  5. Linda Gustin

    You did yourself PROUD girl! and in the process made your Mom and especially me the proudest parents in the world. Love Dad

  6. KO

    Congratulations!!! The sky is the limit. So proud of my snowman.

  7. Dorothy

    Wendy, Good job. I am bursting with pride for you. You are one heck of a girl! . Love you.

  8. Kathleen Quigley

    Awesome! I can’t wait to hear the stories. All my best and enjoy the ride down!

  9. Tracy

    What a great day for you and your team! Y’all are amazing and have accomplished something most of us can only dream of. Your hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. We couldn’t be more prouder. You have shown Alec, Meadow and Luke to dream BIG and believe in yourself! We love you ❤️

  10. Taylor Rickard

    Congratulations Wendy and the rest of your team!!!! ?

  11. Dan Jenkins

    Dear Wendy-Rific and the entire May 14 team:

    Kudos! Well Done! Congratulations! Everyone who has been following your expeditions is proud of your ability to be steadfast and unwavering in your resolve to the commitment of achieving a well-earned summit.

    Wendy – since the first day we met in the Earth Treks Golden gym, I could tell by the gleam in your eye and the sound of your determined voice that you were going to accomplish your goals. Beyond your personal tenacious drive, I also greatly appreciate your ability to be a trusted and valuable partner to those on your team. Your heartfelt spirit and appreciation for the strong draw of a wilderness experience in wild and high places is infectious and a wonderful addition for those who are lucky enough be on a venture with the one and only Wendy Gustin. Bravo on your achievement. — Dan-tastic (Dan Jenkins).

  12. Congratulations Wendy and your team! Very proud of this. all my ‘little’ 14ers pale in comparison! Good Job

  13. Heidi Huberty

    Simply amazing! You are an inspiration to all who know you.

  14. Tom Stenzel

    Way to go Jim, as well as your whole team! Incredible strength and perseverance will leave you with a life time of fabulous memories. Looking forward to hearing all about it….. See you soon!!

  15. Jean Thompson

    Congratulations Wendy!!! Can’t believe you did it! A MAJOR accomplishment. You and your team should be very proud of yourselves. Our very best to you.
    John and Jean

  16. Marie Tomlin-Boerner

    Congratulations team!!!! Safe travels back home to those who love you!

  17. Gregory Johnson

    Congratulations Team! Would love to hear the stories of your journey Mr. Becker.

  18. Steve Levin

    Way to go, Kozma!!! You are the man!

  19. John Ehlers

    Congratulations to Wendy and the team! Great job, makes my ‘little’ 14ers pale in comparison! So Proud of you!
    John and Sue

  20. Steve

    Congratulations David. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Wa-Hooooo!

  21. Glenys

    Congratulations Wendy, can’t wait to see your pictures. It has been great “following” you on your journey

  22. patty

    David, congratulations on this accomplishment! the boys and I are happy for you and glad you realized a dream. the summit looks breathtaking in a picture and is probably surreal and magnificent in real life.

  23. Michele Anhalt

    Congratulations Debbie! I’m so glad that the weather behaved so you and your group could summit! Have a safe trip down and I look forward to hearing all about it. What an accomplishment!

  24. annapis

    Well done!!! Bravissimi, congratulations David, Debbie, James, Ps, Wendy, Luigi! And thank you so much Seba, Gary, Mike!
    You all have touched the sky and enlightened us with your tenacity and your courage. I am very, very proud.
    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, è vero ancora una volta, bello!
    Also thanks to Todd and Laura!
    (And this is for Victoria: you’re so nice!)

  25. Theresa P

    CONGRATULATIONS Team May 14th!!!!

    Way to go Debbie, you rock!!!!!

  26. Traci

    So excited and proud for all of you!!
    Knew you wouldn’t stop until you reached the goal!!!
    Can’t wait to hear from you and know you are back safely!
    ?? Wendy ?????

  27. Chelsea Gullette

    Holy cow!! Way to go, Wendy!!! I have been nervously tracking your progress this whole time and so excited to see you made it to the top! 🙂 Safe travels home !

  28. Sue


  29. Congrats to you all. Luigi – we’re proud of you! Iain

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