June 18 Team – Rain En Route to Camp 1

Mountain Trip lead guide, Jesse Wright, got on the radio to let us know that the June 18 team arrived at Camp 1 7,800 ft (2377 m) at 9 AM after traveling through the night when temperatures are lowest. The team was met with “wet and sloppy” climbing conditions so are focused on drying out their gear in their tents.

Paracord can come in handy on expeditions to string a few clotheslines up in a tent to allow the radiant warmth from sleeping climbers to dry out socks, boot liners, and any manner of gear.

Tomorrow the team plans to haul gear to the next cache site on the West Buttress route at 10,300 ft (3139 m) if conditions allow. Check in tomorrow to see if the Alaska rain hangs around or if the clouds part quickly for these climbers!


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