June 4 Team – Happy Father’s Day from 14K

Climb team member, Fred Wilk called in with a Father’s Day dispatch for the June 4 Team from their rest stop at Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m). Happy Sunday to all the dads listening in! Our crew is resting up at 14K and is reflecting on their extremely strong summit attempt yesterday. Everyone should be proud to have made it as high as they could on Denali Pass 18,600 ft (5669 m) before they were turned around by some rapidly deteriorating weather.

Tomorrow the team will pack up their tents and begin their descent back to basecamp 7,200 ft (2194 m)! Upon arrival, they will set up camp on the glacier where their journey began and get in the queue for a flight in a Talkeetna Air Taxi back to the low country. Check back soon to hear how it all goes for them.


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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!!
    You all should PROUD !!! Amazing job Fred
    Safe travels down the mountain 😊

  2. Good luck all !
    Grosse pensée @Nawal, je suis sur que tu tiens le coup et que tu repousses tes limites quotidiennement !
    Tu vas bientôt toucher les étoiles mais tu as laissé un grand vide, reviens nous vite, plus forte que jamais !

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