June 4 Team – Bon Jour from 14K

Climber Nawal Sfendla called in the June 4 Team’s daily dispatch entirely in French so tap the audio link below to hear her recording if you’re following her climb or just want to give it a listen! This crew is currently safe and sound at Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m) after what sounds like a tough day ascending the fixed lines to get to their cache site at 16,000 ft (4876 m). Way to make it happen, everyone!

After some much-needed rest, the team is hoping to make their move to Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) tomorrow. Also known as “High Camp” this is the highest-altitude camp on the West Buttress route and the last stop before the climbers make their big attempt at the summit 20,300 ft (6187 m). Exciting, stuff! You can follow this link here for our interactive Denali map to travel along with the team: https://summitdenali.com/denali-west-buttress/

Lastly, if you’re not a French speaker Nawal let us know that Mountain Trip second guide, Matthew Koenig, needed to take the opportunity to leave the team and get to a lower altitude due to a medical issue. He is back in Talkeetna and doing well off the mountain. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!


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  1. Tu as l’air zen et déterminée Nawal, il semblerait que tu sois dans ton élément 😍🙏🏻
    Je suis tellement heureux pour toi hbiba et je suis un frère comblé de fierté! Tu as déjà fait ton “Denali”, maintenant tout ce qui vient n’est que du bonus 😉

    Go go go team, summit push is around the corner 💪🏻😍 I am so grateful for each one of you supporting my sister Nawal in her journey, you guys are all champs! I hope you’ll all find what you went looking for in Denali 🙏🏻

  2. My louve je suis tellement fière de toi 😍 bravo pour ton parcours, ne lâche pas l’affaire, inchallah tu vois le bout du tunnel et tu vas y arriver inchallah, je crois en toi 💪🏽❤️
    Donnes toi a fond ! J’espère aussi que tu profites avec tes camarades et de la vue qui doit être exceptionnel !!

    Je t’aime fort fort my louve ❤️❤️

    To the entire team, best of luck for this amazing journey, i am so glad, to hear that you all get along and that my sister spends an incredible time thanks to you ❤️
    Enjoy it and keep up with your amazing work 💪🏽

  3. Nawal, message de maman :
    Je suis soulagée et très fière de ma fille qui est une vraie combattante,que le bon dieu là protège et nous la rend inchaallah saine et sauve allahyhfadha 🙏🙏🙏🥰❤️👍👍

    Et de papa : Bravo Nawal,
    Je suis très content pour ton moral au bout fixe. Courage, courage, on prie Dieu pour t’assister et te protège et on fier de toi et de ta persévérance.
    Allah yardi alik oi yhafdak👍🌹🐈

    On t’aime fort ma soeur ❤️❤️❤️

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