May 21 Team – Farewell Dispatch

Mountain Trip lead guide, Jed Porter, called in from Anchorage to make the final dispatch for the May 21 team as they wrap up their epic adventure together. While this team did not summit they made it back safe with all of their fingers and toes intact! It has been an admittedly tough season for conditions on Denali and some have even called recent weather “historically” bad.

Conditions aside this team kept their spirits high and came together as a team to complete the majority of the West Buttress route with a strong attempt at the summit. Cheers to each member of this team on their massive effort. A big thank you to everyone for following along! Tap the recording link below to hear Jed’s full update and read a note from him here:

“This Denali trip is wrapped up. The 8 of us that started out together are dispersing all around the world and country to various exciting and engaged lives. Thanks to everyone for coming together over these stormy High Alaska weeks to try one of the hardest expeditions in the public purview. I’m thankful that everyone is going on to what is next with all their digits intact and with some level of fire and passion for whatever their adventurous lives entail into the future.”


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