June 4 Team – A Lovely Weather Day

Mountain Trip Apprentice Guide, James Gallant called in last night after the June 4 team enjoyed a “lovely weather day” at Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m)! Tap the recording below to hear James’s full update and shoutout to his family back home. Marginal weather can be an advantageous reprieve for climb teams on the West Buttress that allow everyone to rest and prepare for their next climb day.

The team is poised to move back up the 1,000 ft of steep snow climbing up Motorcycle Hill to reach Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m). This is usually a long, hard day of climbing so the team will benefit from the extra rest they’ve gotten. Their next camp the best equipped on the route, also known as “14 Camp”, is in the expansive Genet Basin. Ascending higher on the route means the gear loads are getting lighter but, the air is getting thinner. Upon arrival, everyone will need to pitch in to build our camp as we need to fortify our tents due to the possibility of severe winds before the guides prepare a delicious dinner in the cook tent!

Everyone on the team remains happy and healthy with a lot of excitement for their next move. Cheers, everybody – we’re rooting for you back home.


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  1. Well done team, sounds exciting!!
    Nawal, I hope you’re managing with your sleeping mask 😂
    All the best for the next step, you are all in out hearts 🙏🏻

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