June 4 Team – Fish Tacos at 11K

The June 4 Denali expedition dispatch reports that the team is safe and making steady progress on their West Buttress climb itinerary from their home back of Camp 2 11,000 (3353 m)! Tap the recording link below to hear the full audio update from James. We’re psyched that conditions are allowing this team to continue making moves to climb high and sleep low along the route.

This technique allows climbers to gradually acclimatize to the higher altitudes, avoid altitude-related illness and move their gear up the mountain strategically in multiple trips to make travel more efficient. Our crew made quick work of getting out of camp early to make their “active rest day” objective of climbing approximately 2,500 ft to the cache site above Windy Corner 13,000 ft (3962 m). This is the first time they’ve had to swap their snowshoes for crampons and ice axes to navigate terrain so they will be in good practice the next time they have to use these tools higher on the route! Descending back to camp the team arrived back to a beautiful evening and dined on some delicious fish tacos to celebrate their hard work, thus far! Everyone is doing well and will check in tomorrow. Thanks for following along!

P.S. Here are some fun facts about the West Buttress route on Denali: First pioneered in 1950 by the indefatigable Bradford Washburn, the West Buttress has become the route of choice for most who choose to climb Denali due to its relative ease of access in this modern age of Air Taxis. Mountain Trip has helped more climbers achieve their Denali dreams than any other guide service. The legacy of Mountain Trip stretches back to before the National Park Service started the current concession system, and with the exception of 2020, Mountain Trip has been guiding climbers up the West Buttress each season since 1976.

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  1. So happy to hear that the expedition goes well, keep up with the hard work Nawal 💪🏽 I am thinking about you every day sister, best of you luck to you and the team !
    Much love my louve ❤️

    P. S : i hope you enjoy the fish tacos haha 😉

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