May 21 Team – Holding at High Camp

Lead Mountain Trip guide Jed Porter called in for the May 21 Team to report that after an attempt to leave their base of Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) the crew was turned back by poor weather and were unable to make their descent down the ridge. While it is an effort to move camps our guides and the team put safety first by making the call to not continue the descent in deteriorating weather.

The move from High Camp is strenuous and can take one to two days, depending on the team’s strength and motivation to get home. This will usually involve moving overnight to complete the move without having to make another camp and to take advantage of the clear climbing weather. The descent can beat you up more than the ascent, as we often shoulder our heaviest loads of the trip hiking down from High Camp to Camp 2 at 11,000 ft (3353 m). Weather dictates when we can fly out to Talkeetna for food and showers. Not much beats a steak and salad at the West Rib Tavern after working hard on Denali!

Most importantly, each member of the team is heading back down safely and in good spirits as soon as conditions allow. We’re so proud of your perseverance and epic effort, crew! Tap the recording link below to hear their full update and tune in tomorrow to hear what happens next!


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