May 21 Team – Hunkered Down at 17K

The May 21 crew is hunkered down at Camp 4 17,200 ft (m) on their fourth day here after deciding to hold on for an opportunity to make their second summit attempt. Tap their recording below to hear their full, bilingual update! This has been a tough Denali season all around so we are applauding these climbers for their effort, persistence, and for their high spirits despite the uncooperative Alaskan weather.

While waiting on the weather the climbers will reorganize packs, dry out gear in their tents, boil water, and prepare as much as they can to be ready to move up or down the mountain when the weather allows. When chores are done they have time to nap or snuggle up in their lofty sleeping bags with a hot drink and a book. Thus far this team has ascended 11,000 ft together and has accomplished the majority of the West Buttress route on the highest peak in North America. Whatever tomorrow brings they have so much to be proud of and this will always be an experience of a lifetime. We’re so proud and psyched for you, team!

Most importantly this team is safe and well-positioned to move as needed when conditions will let them. Tap below to hear the full update and stay tuned for their next dispatch!


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  1. Hi Ran, we continue to follow you and admire the great effort you are making, we are supporting you, we hope that you will be able to conquer the summit, and if not, what you have done there so far inspires great respect and great pride, we love you

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