May 17 Team – Dreaming of Future Mountain Trips

Lead Mountain Trip guide, Karl Welter, called in with the final dispatch for the May 17 West Buttress team! Tap the recording link below to hear his full dispatch and check out the photo of their crew descending Denali at sunset. The team was able to descend from their high point of Camp 4 17,200 ft (m) and fly out of base camp 7,200 ft (m) on June 5th. Here’s an update from Karl himself:
“Well, we made it down the mountain in a long push, including some beautiful walking in the 9 pm sunset. Windy Corner was not too cold (especially compared to a week at High camp!), and glacier conditions were firm enough to motor quickly on the lower Kahiltna.
We had some Philly Cheese sandwiches at base camp at 6 am and waited patiently to fly out with the great pilots of Talkeetna Air Taxi. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for days like some groups have this season.
Finally, we landed in the warm low country surrounded by green leaves and the hustle-bustle of Talkeetna. All the climbers donned flip-flops and t-shirts immediately.  They say the only thing better than flying onto the mountain, is flying off the mountain.
After a sleepy drive to Anchorage and quick showers, we regathered for a celebratory dinner at an Anchorage destination, the Glacier Brewhouse. We really had a fun group of climbers, who gelled into a solid, helpful, strong team. Many cheers and toasts later, we made our way to soft beds. Softer than sleeping pads inside snowy tents. Dreaming of future mountain trips.”
Congratulations, team, and thank you to everyone for following along!
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  1. Congratulations Tim and May 17 team! It’s been amazing hearing about your time on Denali in little audio bites and finally in detail with pictures! An epic adventure and then some courtesy of Mother Nature! Enjoy all the comforts of life back home!

  2. Marty – maximum respect. A really big trip, beyond your expectations, I think. Really looking forward to a korero and hearing tales from foreign lands.

    So, in awe of what you have achieved.

    Bet that Budvar tastes sweet.



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