May 25 Team – Medical Update

En route up the ridge, Lead Guide Josh Jespersen experienced symptoms indicative of a serious medical problem. Prudently, Josh turned back and descended the fixed lines, and returned to 14,200 ft (4328 m) where he was seen by the NPS medical staff. The staff has much greater diagnostic abilities and consulted with the NPS Medical Advisor, ultimately determining that Josh’s symptoms were not a medical emergency. 

The Mountain Trip family is incredibly relieved, but this situation reinforces something we all know – guides can also have health challenges or injuries. Dan Hohl will take over as the lead guide for the team’s summit bid. Dan has submitted Denali as a Mountain Trip guide and has as much Denali experience as many other companies’ lead guides, a testament to our commitment to not advance staff into leadership positions on the mountain until they have led five trips up Denali. 

Josh is doing well, and will descend back to Base Camp. It is incredibly hard to turn oneself around, especially for a seasoned guide, but we are proud of his prudent decision. We love you, buddy!


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  1. I haven’t been too worried until now. Glad Josh is okay. Wishing you all a safe summit and descent!

  2. Incredibly prudent thinking Josh!
    Great job mountain trip handling this with your guide Policy.
    Best regards to Josh!
    Onward to the Summit May 25th team!

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