May 21 Team – Summit Attempt #1

Lead Mountain Trip guide, Jed Porter, called in with the dispatch for the May 21 Team from Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) to report that the team is safe after their make a strong attempt for the summit. Along with multiple other climb teams our crew was turned around at their high point of Denali Pass 18,000 ft (5486 m) in high winds and deteriorating weather that made it unsafe to continue moving forward. Denali’s summit was another 2,000 ft away and this section of the West Buttress Route can only be safely attempted when conditions allow. 

The team will hunker down at High Camp and hang on for one more attempt at the summit in the coming days, weather permitting. Each Mountain Trip climb itinerary builds in contingency days that allow teams in this position to have the potential to wait for a weather window to complete their climb.

Regardless of what happens in the coming days, we are psyched for this team on their extreme dedication and perseverance throughout their expedition. Together they climbed a total of 10,000 ft and achieved the majority of the route they came here to climb. We look forward to hearing from you on your way down when the weather allows.


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