May 17 Team – Live from 17 Camp

Climber Mike took on the dispatch for the May 17 Team tonight after a well-spent rest day at High Camp 17,200 ft (5242 m) waiting on the weather to shift in their favor. With the summit of Denali 20,300 ft (6187 m) lingering so close the team is doing everything they can to prepare and make sure they are ready to go at a moment’s notice when conditions align.

In the meantime, the team is staying well fed and the guides led them through a “summit drill” of packing up to go and putting on all of your warmest layers while making sure you don’t slice anything with your crampons! A great opportunity to practice so that the climbers can move efficiently together when they are able to push for the summit.

The culmination of the route will take climbers 9-12 hours or more round trip to go about 3,000 ft (914 m) through technical terrain to Denali’s summit of 20,300 ft (6187 m) and back down to their camp. This is generally remembered as the most “grueling” day of the expedition or of a climber’s entire life but, it’s all worth it to stand on the high point of all of North America! Fingers crossed for clear skies for these climbers – stay tuned for their next update.


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  1. Mike!!!!!! So great to hear your voice!
    Doggies say hi and they want to let you know they are ALL DONE with cheat grass season.
    I am also ALL DONE but with falling off my mountain bike.
    The summit is in your grasp! Just work on mediation and breathing during those pee breaks when your HR shoots up to the 120’s.
    You got this, almost done! 👏🏼🐾❤️

  2. So good to hear your annoying voice Mike! I’m so excited for you all to summit, I CANNOT wait to hear all about it! So close.

  3. Yeah , Yeah! I’m jumping in excitement, maybe if i jump really high, it’ll help you reach the summit
    Sending warmth and love to all your team,

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