May 20 Team – R&R at 14 Camp

The May 20 Team called in to report that they enjoyed a scheduled rest day today at their home of Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m). Because of the large flat expanse and advantageous location to stage just below the next section of the climb, it is common that climb teams will spend quite a few days at “14 Camp”. Not only is it a great place to socialize with other climbers from around the world, but it is also the best place to hang in full sunshine while waiting out any poor weather above.

As this team recalls they have been very lucky with the weather and conditions so far! They are hopeful that after enjoying a rest day full of delicious meals prepared by our guides they will be primed and ready to move up to the cache site at 16,100 ft (4907 m), also known as the “16 Ridge”, first thing tomorrow. The climbers will finally be able to leave their full sleds, duffel bags, and snowshoes below at “14 Camp” to move into a more technical section of the West Buttress route.

Here they will need alpine harnesses, some type of mechanical advantage device, and their crampons to aid them in scaling the 600 ft (183 m) section of vertical climbing known as “the Headwall”. Their packs are still heavy on the way up however, so this should be a fun and challenging day where the team will get to test themselves. We look forward to hearing how it goes!


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