May 25 Team – Pack Facts from Camp 2

The May 25 team successfully made the move from Camp 1 7,800 ft (2377 m) to Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m) yesterday and called in to tell us more fun facts about what they’re carrying around in their huge Denali packs. Today we’re hearing about what they wish they hadn’t brought! It only takes the first few days of an expedition to realize what you’re not using that is taking up extra space. Ounces make pounds, as they say, and it is generally true that a climber on the West Buttress would do well to eliminate unnecessary weight.

However, we don’t know what we don’t know! Here’s just some of what this team now knows they really didn’t need to bring and what they’ve learned about packing for Denali now that they’re on the mountain. First off, multiple climbers brought bulky cases for things like sunglasses and cameras that they wish they had left behind. Without the cases, you can repurpose another item you’re already bringing like a buff, and use that to pad your item instead.

Second, the big-screen tv might have been excessive. Just kidding. Listen below to hear the rest. They’re wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day and sending love from the tallest peak in North America. Can’t wait to hear their next dispatch!



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  1. Wow beautiful photo and looks like a full house at the camp up there !

    FYI – Recording seems to cut out around 50-53 seconds each time, maybe make multiple short audio clips

    Also, hope you keep the photos coming — Happy and safe climbing !

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