May 13 Team – Safe after Summit Bid #1

Our May 13 Team called in with some big updates from their expedition! After reaching Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) and then taking 2 rest “weather days” the team saw what they thought was a chance for the summit in the forecast. They started the climb but were quickly turned around by poor weather and less-than-ideal climbing conditions. Unfortunately, weather forecasts are not foolproof in the mountains.

A rapid change in circumstances like this requires that guides and climbers re-evaluate the day’s route plan. They must be willing to take in the new information and manage risk accordingly. In this case, it was clear to the guides that continuing to travel through technical terrain for another 3,000 ft (914 m) in deteriorating weather was a larger risk than they intended on taking that day.

They returned to “17 Camp” safe and happy with their decision to come down. After a hot dinner and chat in the cook tent the team has decided that they will go for another attempt tomorrow. They promise to keep us updated! Keep up the strong work, crew. We’re cheering for you!


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