May 7 Team – Successful Back Carry To Windy Corner

Climber Max from the May 7 Team called in with lots of stoke yesterday after the team successfully made their back carry day from Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m) to their cache site at Windy Corner 13,000 ft (3962 m). So far, this was Max’s “best day of the trip”! Heck yeah, Max. We love your stoke!

This team as a whole should be proud of their progress so far as they are 15 days in and still in high spirits. After a breakfast of bagels and lox Max says the team found this downclimb with light packs and sleds relatively easy. Upon arriving at the cache site the guides and climbers dug up their buried supplies then headed back for some delicious tuna melts. Yum!

While our radio recording is a bit choppy on this one the excitement is contagious and we’re confident that this team is on track to reach their goal of ascending the fix lines tomorrow at 16,100 ft (4876 m). Keep up the strong work, team! We can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes.


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  1. Max, it was so great to hear your voice on the recording! Glad to hear you are eating so well! Take care, love you!

  2. Hey Max! What Mom said. . . Great to year your voice and to know you are taking in those calories! We love you and we are with you. Ain’t no mountain high enough. . .


  3. Hey Max – just heard your post – it broke up at some point but I think we got the gist of it. Stay strong and go get ’em!

    Love you,


  4. Sounds like we need recipes for all these dishes Ana is making . It is so great to hear these recordings ! Looking forward to the next few days of news for sure ! 🥰

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