May 20 Team – At 11,200′ (3400m)

Eric Larson called in from the team’s third camp on their ascent of the West Buttress of Denali. They pushed up into a beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ (3400m) today.  It sounds like they had a beautiful, sunny day and arrived early enough to have the opportunity to kick back and enjoy it for a while.  Everyone sounds like they are doing great, moving well and acclimatizing nicely.

The plan is to carry supplies up and around Windy Corner to a spot at about 13,500′ (4115m) tomorrow and then take a rest day on the following day.  As always, the plan is subject to change, but if everything looks good, that is the goal.

Eric refers to the team as the May 21st team, which is the day they flew to the glacier.  As we say on this side of the ponds, tomatoes, “tom-ah-toes”…

Here’s Larson:


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