May 13 – 5 Hour Trek Complete!

Climber Chris from our May 13 Team calling in from Camp 1 7,800 ft ( m) with news of the day’s activities! Today the team successfully made a long 5-hour trek up the hill with all of their bags that were packed up to bury in the cache. Upon arrival, the crew exerted themselves by digging a hole over 3 ft (1 m) deep, buried supplies, and marked the zone so that they can recognize it when they return to pick it up later on in their journey.

What insurance do we have for the food, fuel, and essential supplies the team has left behind in the ground? One of the stellar Mountain Trips guides marked the GPS point on their digital mapping system so that if anything changes between now and the return, the cache site can still be found. Even when you’re in the remote mountains, modern technology is still somewhat available and can in handy!

To aid our climbers in their goal beautiful weather followed them throughout the day. The clear, blue skies allowed the team to observe that winds were picking up higher up on the route and that a large lenticular cloud had settled over the summit of Denali at 20,300 ft (6187 m). Mountains truly do make their own weather!

Overall, the team is doing well, everyone is in great shape, and they heading to bed super happy with their progress! Cheers, team!


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