May 10 Team – Arrived at Camp 2!

Guide Logan calling in with excellent news from our May 10 team! After a few stormy days at Camp 1 7,800 ft (2377 m) the guides and climbers made the push to Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m). The group awoke early to beautiful weather and clear skies. On Denali, conditions are king as they say so each morning it is essential to be prepared to move when the weather allows!

Luckily for Logan and company, they got the window they were so patiently waiting for. Sure enough, by the time they reached their destination, the weather was starting to deteriorate. However, they still had plenty of time to set up tents, excavate an area for a cook tent, and pick an appropriate site for the camp toilet which must be near (but, not too near!). After digging in and setting up the team was able to kick back with a hot meal before an early bedtime. We look forward to hearing from them tomorrow! Stay tuned.


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  1. Haven’t been able to see the mountain the past few days so delighted to hear the daily updates and hear that you all are progressing well. Want to wish Logan a very happy natal day! Sending love and virtual hugs!

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