Traverse Team – Well Fed and Hot!

Chris Paul and Bart  called in from 11,200′ (3400m), to update us on their day.  They carried supplies around the infamous Windy Corner to cache at about 13,500′ (4115m) and it sounds like it was a very, very hot day, something that most folks do not consider encountering on Denali.  Much of the talk is about food, and how disappointed they seem at not having to suffer with traditional mountain food.

Don’t you worry guys- when you cut loose from the next camp to make your push up and over the top of Denali, you’ll not see another chicken burger with pineapple and Swiss cheese until you’ve descended 18,000′ (5500m) and ridden the Park bus out to the nearest restaurant.  You’ll have plenty of Spartan mountain food during that time, so enjoy the feasts until then!

Bart gave a shout out in Dutch, and I have no idea what he said, so if anyone can help translate, we’d appreciate it!

Here is the team:


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