May 7 Team – Making Forward Progress!

It’s a day for good news all around for our Mountain Trip teams on Denali! Our first report is from climber Max on the May 7th Team reporting that after three days of harsh weather, the skies have cleared! This allowed our team to “back-carry” also known as descending with delightfully lightweight packs about 800 ft (244 m) to their cache site at 10,200 ft (3109 m) and do some digging.

Unearthing your cache can be an exciting activity when you’re able to pick up extra layers and those delicious snacks you left behind days ago – snickers bars, anyone?! In general, we are beyond stoked to hear that our guides and climbers were able to move. Tomorrow they are aiming for a similar venture from their home of Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m) to ascend steep snow to the cache site around Windy Corner 13,000 ft (3963 m).

Until then we know for sure that team is healthy, happy, and enjoying a delicious curry dinner specially prepared by Mountain Trip guide, Anna! Rest up, team – we can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes!


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