June 17 Team Reached High Camp!!

Lead Guide Caitlin Hague called in from 17,200′.  The team moved up today on what she described as a glorious day of blue skies interspersed with light snow showers.  The ridge is a spectacular place, with fun, engaging climbing weaving between rocky outcrops and along knife edged snow ridges.  The exposure off to each side is tremendous, which just adds to the beauty of this elegant section of the route.

The day of moving up to High Camp is a really tough one.  Many climbers feel this is almost as hard as summit day, but the June 17th Team did great!  They are fit and ready for moving on up the peak!


Mountain Trip climbers on the ridge that leads up to High Camp. (Thanks Yoshiko Miyazaki Back for the photo!)

The team is moving great and feeling really well, so they will take advantage of the first good day of weather to make an attempt on the summit!

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  1. Joan Heller

    Wow! What an amazing view! And a tremendous accomplishment! So exciting! Best wishes to everyone!

  2. Jenny Miller

    Spo excited for all of u!!! The Summit!!!! Tomorrow!!! You were a very fit and fast group. Get up there and Come on Down!!!!!

  3. Bob Holder

    Have been following you guys the whole trip and can’t believe summit day is tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Wayne, you are the man.

  4. Grant Ritchie

    Go team and Wayne especially. I have been at high camp twice, awesome place. be careful on the Autobahn

  5. Stephen St. Hill

    Hi Margaret, It’s nearly 11:00 am Tuesday, Denali time. If the conditions are good I imagine you will be back at high camp soon with congratulations in order. Your team appears to be unhurried. Credit to Mountain Trip, Caitlin, your team, and conditions. You may be sipping lattes but you’re not safe yet. Stay vigilant. Congratulations, and lots of love, proud Stephen.

  6. kathie Billing

    Wow this is awesome…Way to go to you all..Way to go Wayne from Blowing Rock N.C.!!!You all are creating moment’s indeed!!.Can’t wait to read the summit report…be safe and embrace it all..

  7. Jason Berry

    Wayne Miller you’re a badass! Have fun!!

  8. Kathy

    Eagerly awaiting to hear to about your summit trip. Hope the weather hasn’t hampered your journey. Enjoy and be safe. So proud of my big brother Wayne!!

  9. Stephen St. Hill

    Hi everyone. I’m watching Caitlin’s tracker powering through Windy Corner camp 3 at 1:00 am Alaska time on the way down. Did anyone see the tracker get to the summit?
    Thanks, Stephen,
    Sydney, Australia.

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