May 22 Team – Mike Calls from 7,800′

Mike Beuerlein called in from 7,800′ with a report that it is, indeed, cold on Denali!  The team is at Camp 1, on the broad Kahiltna Glacier, where the weather has been challenging today.  Snow has been falling in earnest and the temperatures are chilly!

Today, the team climbed up to about 10,200′, where they left a cache of supplies, before descending back down to their camp for the evening.  This process of carrying supplies higher, but sleeping back at their previous camp is called, Climbing High and Sleeping Low, a proven technique to help move the mountain of gear necessary for a long expedition, and a way to help climbers ease their bodies to the rarefied air of higher elevations.  We call it, “double carrying.”  The team will double carry between their next three camps, en route to the summit.

Here is Mike!

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  1. Rah, rah, rah! Climb, climb, climb! Better you than me.

    Love, Your Sister in Knoxville, Where It Is Hot and Not Snowing

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