Denali Ski Team – Storm days are better when you can go powder skiing…

The June 15 Denali Ski Team called in an update from 14-Camp (Camp Three) after taking another weather day on the route. Unlike other teams stuck in camp, they got to enjoy some mellow powder turns above camp near the fixed lines. The team weathered a windy night last night, but it’s looking like better conditions on the horizon.

Here’s the update — in German!


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  1. Wow 😍🥳👍🏻 Schöne Grüße zurück!!
    Sounds pretty challenging!!! 😅

    Aufpassen! Gu und family

  2. Hallo Gabriel! habe deinen Recording gehört und verfolge deine Spur. Pass auf euch auf und kommt gesund zurück !
    Alles Liebe

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