June 22nd West Buttress Team — At Camp 1

Jed calls in from Camp 1 on the Kahiltna Glacier. After landing at Basecamp yesterday they launched immediately to stay ahead of the storm and arrived at Camp 1. They are now sitting in the weather and hoping to cache gear up near Kahiltna Pass tomorrow to continue their climb up the tallest mountain in North America. From here on, gear and food is carried up the mountain and stashed for future retrieval to spread out the weight of the expedition. Stay tuned for their progress!



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  1. Praying for you team Big Knots

    Looking forward to you coming home. There’s something weird going on with the house. I put the recycling at the end of the counter but it seem to know where to go from there. Not sure what’s going on. 🙂 Love you and praying for you. Abby asked today “When is Daddy coming home”. We went to IHOP for dinner and Abby started dancing and said “This is daddy’s favorite song” of course I couldn’t name the tune because you know how awful I am at that but I guarantee it was something from the 80s.

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