Denali Ski Team – Carries Around Windy Corner

Apologies for the broken connection when the team sang a ditty from 11,000 feet – the sateelite connection seemed to have faltered or… maybe not? Tough to say, but the crew seems in fine spirits after a challenging day of ferrying loads around the infamous Windy Corner today.

They loaded up their packs and climbed a thousand feet up Motorcycle Hill, right at the NE edge of their camp. Continuing up even steeper terrain, they eventually passed around a steep rock fin that drops down from thousands of feet above. This feature lived up to its name of Windy Corner today, but the team buckled down and pushed around it to bury a cache of supplies at about 13,500′. They then descended back to 11,000′ for the night.

Tomorrow’s plan is to move camp up past their cache site and establish a well-fortified camp at 14,200′.

Here’s Zach!


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