June 13 West Buttress Team at 14-Camp

Climber Grant Maughan called in an update on the June 13th West Buttress Team, hunkered down at 14-Camp (Camp Three) preparing to weather a bit of a storm that’s forecasted to come through over the next couple of days.

The wind and snow was starting to move in to camp at the time of the call, and the team spent a good portion of their day creating snow-block walls to fortify their tents from the incoming weather. Snow-blocks can do wonders for blocking wind when constructed properly. The team also took the time to take a walk over to the “Edge of the World,” a popular photo spot near camp, with outstanding views over the expanse of the Alaska Range. At over 14,300′, they are above most of the other summits in the range.

Here’s Grant!


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  1. Been watching the weather on the mountain–both online and from our window–glad you are safely hunkering down! Love hearing the updates and knowing you all are well. (Logan, your new niece is gorgeous and healthy! Looking forward to when we can all get together to celebrate her birth and ogle her in person! ) Sending love, virtual hugs, and good thoughts your way…

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