June 20 West Buttress Team – Building Snowmen at Camp One

Snowmen in June?! Climber Rune Hana called in an update on the June 20 West Buttress team at Camp One, stuck in the snowglobe for another day. The team has their cache in place to move up to Camp Two at 11,200′ when the weather allows, but for now they are hunkering down in camp and waiting out the storm. To reach Camp Two, they must head up the Kahiltna Glacier to the top of Ski Hill/Kahiltna Pass, where storms are funneled through from the north, making the route very windy and unpleasant during storms. Additionally, the team is dealing with decreased visibility–a disorienting “ping-pong ball” effect that make it challenging to move camp. Not to mention the trail breaking after the storm. The team is ready to make their move to Camp Two as soon as weather allows.

Here’s Rune with the quick update:


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