June 9 West Buttress Team – Nalgene Showers at 14k!

The June 9 West Buttress Team took a bit of a down day at 14-Camp after spending yesterday placing their cache above the Fixed Lines on the 16-Ridge.

It sounds like the day was filled with a variety of delicious camp food! The team even got to take private makeshift tent vestibule showers, courtesy of warm water-filled Nalgene bottles, an unheard of luxury on the mountain.

The team is waiting on a weather window and plans to move higher once the weather and conditions allow to get in place for their summit attempt. Now they’re clean, refreshed, rested and ready to head for High Camp! Things are looking good for the team.

Here’s Maddie with some extra shoutouts at the end for friends and family at home!


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  1. Well Ross at least you got a shower! The summit is secondary. Should have listened to good advice and stayed with Jason. He is the trail boss and driven to summit. No pressure Eli. Best wishes to you for as safe summit.. Gerard

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