June 6 Denali West Buttress Team – Weather Day at 14k

The June 6 team had big plans to head up the headwall towards 17k camp yesterday but was thwarted by weather. They instead spent the day visiting the “Edge of the World”. A nice excursion from 14 Camp where you stand on a small rock precipice and peer into the abyss of the North East Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, affectionately known as the “Valley of Death”.

Today the team plans to push their way up the fixed lines on the headwall and the 16 Ridge up to High Camp. Hopefully the weather holds for them!

Here’s Climber, Blake:


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  1. Tom says if you are at the edge of the world that proves the earth is flat! Good luck on your ascent to Camp. 17 k. Love you all!

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